May 18, 2009

How To Make Him Feel You Truly Love Him – 3 Simple Steps!

Are you currently seeing a great guy and would like to know how to make him feel you truly love him? Do you want to go all out with your emotions but are afraid that you might scare him off? Do you ultimately want to know how to make your promising relationship a long lasting and possibly a life-long commitment? Making a guy feel like you truly love him does not have to involve a complicated diagram. However, these tips might make it easier for you to find your way into his heart and to let him know he's already in yours.
Although this might sound like a contradicting advice, it's actually quite important. If you show too much affection towards a guy, you actually have the chance of scaring him off. Guys are not just comfortable about exhibiting their emotions too much so you just have to live with this. Although it's all right to bring him lunch at work once in a while or send him a sweet message from time to time, don't go overboard. Don't insist on holding hands in front of his friends or start planning your wedding with his mother.

Follow his pace

If you want to make him feel you truly love him, you need to mirror his pace and reactions. For instance, if he's inviting you to an event with his family, then you can safely assume that he is ready for this stage in the relationship. If he's calling to check on you everyday, this means it's all right for you to do the same. Be observant. Keeping track of how ready he is for a relationship lets you know how fast or slow you should go.

Don't open up too fast

Finally, if you really want to make him feel you truly love him, don't do it too fast! Being the first one to spill your guts and pledge your undying devotion takes the fun out of the chase and we all know guys love the thrill of the chase. Make him feel like he has won you and that you did not surrender so easily.

Apr 27, 2009

Dating on a Dime

Three time-tested tips and tons of ideas to help you save during the wooing phase.

With the economy taking its toll on your pocketbook and Uncle Sam sucking up what little savings you had left on tax day, you're probably in prime money-saving mode right about now, with not a penny to spare.

Unfortunately, the foundering economy doesn't make it any easier to get to know someone new -- or to spend time together without busting your budget. Here are a few ways to woo your sweetheart when you have little to no money to burn.

  • Make something – Whether it's dinner, a collage or just a mess, creating something from scratch together is fun, and often free. Bond with your new love interest while you whip up a culinary delight using only what you have in the pantry, get cozy while using old magazines to clip out words that describe each other or try your hand at painting something worth hanging on the fridge.
  • Go green – Invite Mother Nature along on your date and go for a walk in your favorite neighborhood, have a mud or snowball fight, find a secluded spot for a picnic, dive into the local swimming hole, sing cowboy songs while camping, tour your college campus at night, go hiking or simply take your romance on the road for a scenic drive.
  • Be kids again – Channel your inner child and challenge each other's skills at board games, break out the cameras and take some silly pictures, join an intramural sports team or find an afternoon pickup game, volunteer to play with the puppies at your local animal shelter or launch a movie marathon and agree that the first person who surrenders their spot on the couch has to watch whatever their sweetheart wants.

You don't have to spend money to be romantic. Use these tips to plan fun, memorable dates without spending a dime!

Apr 8, 2009

Find Your Love Match - The Libra Love Life - Success and More Love

The classic Libra looks for harmony and peace, and loves to spend lots of money on luxuries. Libras desire to shine socially and are pleasure-loving, curious, vivacious, affectionate, expressive, energetic, warm, sociable, and very in love with attractive things. As her lover, you are expected to do the same, however, with a certain point of excessiveness, since Libras are very pricey.

In love, this Sign is indecisive about making a commitment. Yes, they are romantic and but they also have a very fickle nature. Libras are very sentimental. While they believe in tender love, they still want to flirt explaining why they cannot settle down with one partner. They want to explore all their options. They want their opportunities to be always culturally accepted. They wish for partners more for convenience than for love. They are quite tolerant lovers and have the ability to get along with anybody that's why a jealous and possessive lover can never stand the fun-loving Libra.

These people are no doubt agreeable and sociable. They are charming and understanding lovers. The problem with these people is that they are often mistaken to be a bit too insecure for they don't want to be left out in a crowd. They try their best not to remain alone. Maybe that is the motive behind their likeness towards others which results them having a lot of acquaintances and very few close loyal friends.

However, this sign is surprisingly, very sensual and generous lover who has deep desire to satisfy and please their lover in bed. They are teasing by nature and are experts in lovemaking. A definite mishmash complicated to defy but you have to be serene with them because for them to have sexual relationship it is important that the other person must demand to their idealistic and loving fantasies. They want to be loved and desired as they are over-romantic and idealistic at heart.

Find Your Love Match - The Fun and Unpredictable Sagittarius Love Life

The Sagittarius, being fiery sign is like fire itself --- they love to investigate for fun and are full of enthusiasm with whatever they do. They can be boldly passionate and bursting of fun kind of lovers and you, as their partner, should not try to invade their space because they are value their freedom a lot.

They are wild, obsessive and daring in lovemaking. The danger with his sign is their sexual relationships with one partner for long bores them and they get this urge to move and explore their alternatives. Sagittarians are freedom-loving individuals, who love to see new things, enjoy and have fun. They are very warm, loving, caring as well as affectionate. They love to meet new people, mingle in the crowd and party a lot.

However, a typical Sagittarius does have one stinging quality. During unguarded times, they may be too frank to pass a remark on a person without taking into account how the other person will experience about it. Though they never intentionally hurt a person, they are so up-front that this happens often. You must watch out when you are a very sensitive person. This sign's frankness might blow you away.

Blunt Sagittarius will say what it thinks without second thoughts, is totally restless, adventuresome, imaginative, and puts a high value on entertaining themselves. You must both have mutual love of the outdoors and a fondness for socializing.

Sagittarius needs change, variety, and escapades. While a Sagittarius is both venturesome and clever, they cannot stand a partner who is overtly cautious and emotional. They look for excitement and new experiences. They are also quick-tempered but can cool down quickly. These independent, freedom-loving roamers and they will give their lovers an exciting, chaotic but definitely not boring, eventful relationship. They have a flighty, lighthearted approach to love so better be not that committed in your early relationship. Take time to be venturesome, sociable and expansive. Sagittarius love to have a partner who is outspoken, a bit bossy, great zest for living and a forward-looking viewpoint.

If you would like to learn and discover the Sagittarius love life (and of other signs as well), visit my website to get your hands on my FREE report which has helped thousands of men get women they thought they never had a chance with!

Find Your Love Match - Find Out More About the Scorpio Love Life

The most intense lovers are under the sign of Scorpio and, undoubtedly, these souls are extremely passionate when they devote their feelings to the one they truly love. They thrive to be better and more powerful when they feel firm and secure within a relationship. Sex, for a Scorpion, is an expression of love and they, more often than not, use it as a means to manipulate their partners. The mates of Scorpio individuals will never grasp what is on the mind of their partners since this Sign is basically and always mysterious by nature and they tend to be intensely loyal.

The one exclusion to this is when a Scorpio native is engaging in expression through his or her passion. These are watchful, calm and dedicated souls who can be as protective of the ones they love as they are of their own vulnerable emotions and feelings. The Scorpion is also fiercely faithful, supportive, protective, unshakable and generous. But beware the sting of the Scorpion --- they can be the worst enemy and are violently jealous and possessive lovers. The Scorpio tends to be dominating in any relationship since feeling in control is one of the ways in which they can invest the heart.

Although there is a notorious covetous streak here, accompanied by a deep-rooted selfishness, the Scorpio native is capable of an unequaled level of trust and faith in terms of love and romance. Those who fall under the jurisdiction of this Zodiac Sign are usually fearless to face either life or death and such boldness translates into sexual expression. They can reach the highest highs or the lowest lows in whatever passion they pursue and they are the most intense, open and dynamic individuals of the Zodiac in terms of physical intimacy.

Scorpios have a very secretive, stubborn and has a brooding nature, and as a lover, this will truly test your patience. They are highly demanding and challenging. They are so deep and extreme that every little thing will become so dramatic. That being said, they will also shower you with their fierce and undying love of no end.

Apr 3, 2009


Nothing can be more warm and charming than an exquisite flower bouquet. Take your pick and convey your love to your sweetheart with the help of this earth shattering idea of flower gifts. Make your love get swayed by the aroma of these fantastic flower ranges.

Flowers are the most charming and Beautiful object in this world. The entire world is pale without the breathtaking aroma of flowers. It defines all kinds of emotions. A flower can speak volumes which words cannot say. Sometimes the overwhelming fragrance of flowers can do wonder on any uncanny state of affairs. A human heart, no matter how much loutish he is, the mesmerizing cologne of flowers never fails in bringing a beam of joy in his face which brightens up the whole air. Flowers are the most ideal way to express your love which even words fail to say. Flowers speak their own lingo. Different flowers signify different facet of love. Some love flowers implies love at first sight, some flowers means true love, some means loyal love, some means pure love, some beauty and so on.

Following are the flowers that delineate love. Orchid defines beauty and love, Orange Blossom signifies eternal love, Carnation White implies pure love, Gloxinia is for love at first sight love, Daisy is for loyal love, Red Tulips is used to show your love, Rydal Rose indicates happy love, Aster is a love symbol, Gardenia for secret love and Red Rose conveys the message �I love you�.Apart from all these renowned solo love flowers, there are some more that are found in bunches and are allocated a unique name. Some of the well known ones are love one dozen red roses, fragrant garden basket of love, blooming love peace lily, natural wonders love bouquet, lover�s purple mist, aromatic love flowers, loving expression, stunning beauty love bouquet, pink beauties love basket, love daisy vase, spring fresh love, splendor of the sun, peach rose love basket, sweet love basket, love dainty d�cor, lovers� crimson �n cream, pacific paradise love Arrant, love roses and orchids galore, blooming iris love bouquet, true inspiration and lots more. The language of flowers sometimes called Floriography, is assumed to have begun in the Middle-East but is said to have blossomed in the Victorian Age, when lovers and rivals use to share friendly clandestine merely by just exchanging a flower despite the presence of their guardians and kings. Flowers can convey all kinds of emotion to your loved ones devoid of any speech.

Roses have varied classifications. The color of roses defines the nature of emotion. Following are some of the category of roses that characterizes various emotions. Blue rose defines mystery, Burgundy rose implies beauty, dark pink rose confers gratitude, light pink rose is for admiration and sympathy, orange rose signifies passion, pink rose defines grace, red rose denotes love, white rose identifies with innocence, purity, secrecy, reverence and humility and lastly yellow rose implies dying love or platonic love or infidelity. Black roses do not exist in nature but nevertheless they are often featured in fictions with many different meanings. It means roses of black color. According to Goth mythology, black rose signifies tragic love. White rose may be dyed black but that would be fake ones. It was also symbolical in the 19th century. Back then black roses use to hold a message of death, hatred or farewell.

That special someone will walk on air when you will send them this captivating blend of exquisite love flowers with some bright love balloons to add a shimmer to your gift. Try a little tenderness with all these premium ranges of lovely floral items and make your partner feel exclusively special. They will surely be fond of your beautiful flower arrangement as well as you for sending them such a thoughtful gift.

Mar 27, 2009

The errors men will NOT admit

Women expect their men to be perfect. The better a man treats a woman, the higher the expectations get.
This is simply because we want him to be flawless. Even when there aren’t any big issues in our relationships, we start picking at the minor ones, which seems irrational to our partners.
We’ve composed a short list of the errors that our beloved men would never admit, but that never go unnoticed by us.

He doesn’t follow the conversations.

Sometimes women put too much emotion while talking about a daily situation at work and tend to go into too many details about how irritating and unfair certain things were. His reaction consists of nodding his head, pretending to be listening. As soon as you ask him “Are you listening to me?” you get the answer “Of course, you just said…” and then he repeats your last words that he has remembered. However, this doesn’t mean that he is following the conversation. You have to simply accept the fact that usually men have bigger things on their mind and are not interested in the gossips that you’re so eager to share with them.

He’s checking out other women.

You saw the way he eyed the cleavage of that foxy waitress and then discretely followed the curves of the chick right in front of you. Most of the times you choose to ignore it, but if you are in a bad mood, jealousy starts eating from the inside and quickly balloons into a scandal. The reaction that you get is usually a surprised look from him and the question “What is the matter with you? I accidentally looked into her! Would you want for me to just keep my eyes shut?” He will never admit that another woman is attractive in front of you, because he knows what your reaction will be. And so do you.

He forgot your anniversary.

If this happens and he hasn’t mentioned anything throughout the day, what usually follows is that you are going to start yelling at him for being so forgetful, which will result in his leaving and returning in the evening with a big bouquet and an expensive gift, saying something like “You didn’t think that I had forgotten our special day, did you? I wanted it to be a surprise”.

Commenting in front of his friends.

Men share much more than we do. Some even more. If you find out that he has talked with his buddies about moments of your intimate life, that will make you furious, but he will deny it has ever happened. You should keep in mind that you too share a lot of private details about your life with your girlfriends while claiming that you don’t. It seems that you’re even.

He doesn’t help with the housework.

If someday you decide to start a fight because he never helps around the house, he will think of, at least, 3 times that he has picked up the table, has washed the dishes or has vacuumed the apartment. And he did it for you! Wow, what an accomplishment! Almost all men believe that housework is restricted to women only, which is why they consider every ‘female’ work they’ve done as a compromise.

He falls asleep in front of the TV.

He is watching an interesting movie or a sports game. However, half way through it, it becomes apparent that he’s in the middle of his second dream. As soon as you reach for the remote to switch it off, he lifts his head and says “Don’t, I am watching that! No,I haven’t fallen asleep?!”

He’s not good at the “Man’s work”.

Not all men are good at fixing the oven or piece together the cabinet. However, all men claim that they can. Why? Simply because they’re certain that this is their field of expertise. Personally, I can think of several examples that prove that sometimes women are better at this than their male partners.

I am sure that you can think of numerous stories, where our strong partners don’t admit their flaws or errors. After all, they are the strong gender. There is no room for week streaks. At least not in their own eyes.

Dinner for two – strategy and tactics

Clothing, behavior and the location of the date of the couple give away their intentions. The invitation itself is simply an occasion for the two to get intimate.

What strategy should you choose and what female tactics should you apply depending on your intentions towards the man?

Going out

For a man - choosing to meet you on neutral ground indicates that he has serious intentions and is not afraid to be seen with you in private. Don’t take the initiative under any circumstances.

Sit face towards him with your back against the main light in the room. This way you stay in the shadow while being able to follow his reactions. At the same time the fact that you are facing most of the people makes him understand that he is by far not the only man in the world and he has to work for your interest.

The main advantages of the restaurant flings are the eye flirt and the spicy conversations. At the end of the evening be sure to thank for the wonderful night and ask him to walk you to your place. However, keep your distance as you don’t want him to assume that you are paying for the dinner with sex.

At his place

If a man invites you over to his home, this means that he is willing to do anything for you. Sit by his side - this way you don’t have to make eye contact, but you can touch him. Again, don’t take the lead - he invited you so let him make the effort. Don’t hurry and announce that you’re not wearing any underwear - an appropriate time for this spicy detail would be when he kisses you or places his hand on your knee. Regardless of how events unfold after that, don’t spend the night at his place.

At your place

Only opt for this choice, if you simply wish to have a single wonderful night with the guy.
Be sure to wear something that comes off quickly and serve the dinner in the bedroom. A good choice of food would be fruits and light wine as the dinner is simply a ground to get him in your bed. It won’t take too long to get what you want.
In the morning treat him to some coffee, but outside of the bed, compliment him and send him on his way. However, don’t expect a following call after this event. If you really want him, you can make the first call - it’s often the case that he is simply shy and thinks that he’s not up to your level.

If you want things to get serious

Dress up with clothes that fit and flatter your body, but at the same time are not too provocative. Let him understand that he has to work harder, if he wants to know what’s underneath them. Don’t sit next to him.
Choose a spot at the table that provides an easy getaway in case of more imprudent jokes from his part. If he doesn’t attempt intimacy throughout the dinner that means that he isn’t planning on doing so at a later date either. Most probably he is either up for a romantic evening or he is nervous.
After dinner you can start doing the dishes. He will either try to pull you away by kissing and touching you (keep the game going) or he will compliment you on the coziness of your home (to which your reply can be a sigh and a remark that there’s no one to change the light bulb in the bathroom). The third possibility is for him to leave straight after the dinner and if this is the case - don’t bother trying running after him (it’s not that you need such an asshole in the first place!).

Mar 18, 2009

What Clothes to Wear on a First Date

Deciding what clothes to wear on a first date is not an easy decision to make. The most important piece of advice to remember is, always plan in advance what outfit you are going to wear. Along with planning, choosing the most appropriate outfit to suit your shape, style and the location of the date is also vital. If you are unsure what clothes are best for you, it is a good idea to ask your friends or family members for guidance.

The first thing to take into consideration is the location of the date. This is useful as it will help you decide whether to go for a casual look or a formal look. Always dress in suitable attire for the date location. If you know you are going to a fancy restaurant, then you are required to have more formal look as opposed to going to the cinema, where a casual look is sufficient. Although a casual look is suitable for many date ideas, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to make an effort. Regardless of the date venue, it is essential that you always make an effort to look your best.

Overdressing for a date can unfortunately make you look a little silly and stand out. There is no point in wearing a party dress or smart suit and tie if you know you are going bowling or to the cinema. On the other hand if you know you are going to an expensive restaurant, wearing jeans and a t-shirt is not a good idea. You may find yourself in a situation where you don’t know where your date is taking you. In this instance it is usually better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed, although there is no need to wear a tuxedo or a ball gown. If unsure you can always accompany your outfit with a stylish jacket or cardigan which can be taken off depending on the type of date.

When choosing your outfit, make sure it will show off your best features and conceal the features you aren’t as happy with. There is no point in wearing an outfit that shows off a part of your body you are uncomfortable with, this will only result in drawing attention to that particular area. If you happen to have wide hips or a large bottom, don’t wear clothes that are tight in these areas. Choose clothes that will emphasise other areas of your body. You can use bright colour clothing or even accessories to draw attention away from an area of your body, or perhaps even draw attention to a particular area.

It is important to take into account your personal style and your age when choosing an outfit. Don’t try to change your image completely when going on a date otherwise you will feel the need to keep up with the new image for future dates. It is okay to try something new, such as a new hair style, new shoes, or even a new outfit, but don’t be too drastic by going for a totally new look. It is a bad idea to dress older or younger than your actual age. You need to be realistic and dress appropriately otherwise you risk making yourself look ridiculous.

Many people think covering up their body with large baggy clothing will disguise them, but this is not true. This will only result in making you look uncomfortable and draw attention to you. Wearing baggy clothes is just as bad as wearing clothes that are too tight. Clothes that are too tight are not a good idea, especially if you are going out for dinner or going on an active date, such as bowling. Not only are they restricting, tight clothes can often make you look larger than you actually are, not to mention the fact you may end up bulging out of them at the end of a dinner date, which is not ideal.

Many people choose their perfect outfit and then forget about what shoes they are going to wear. It is just as important to choose appropriate shoes as it is to choose an appropriate outfit. It is essential that shoes are clean, match your outfit and fit properly. The last thing you want is to be in pain with blisters and look uncomfortable. Make sure the shoes are a comfortable fit, and if need be wear them prior to the date just to break them in.

Looking your best on a date doesn’t mean you need to be wearing the latest fashion or wearing labels from head to foot. It is okay to wear a fashion label, just as long as you don’t go over the top and have designer labels showing on every garment. You risk looking like a fashion victim which could imply that you are high maintenance. This can be off putting for many people who may believe that you are out of their league.

Once you have chosen your desired outfit, it’s time to make sure it is in pristine condition. Try on your outfit, preferably in advance and not on the day of the date, just to make sure it doesn’t have any stains or rips and fits you properly. This will give you time to wash it if necessary and even choose a different outfit. You may have forgotten about a stain you got on it last time you wore it, or even put on a few pounds since. The last thing you want is to be late for a date and panic because you forgot to check your outfit was in perfect condition.

It is recommended that you always have a back up outfit to hand as you never know when it may be needed. Your spare outfit should also be tried on when trying on your desired outfit, just to make sure it will be sufficient if anything should happen to your preferred clothing. Your first choice of outfit may be in perfect condition, but you need a backup outfit just in case something happens to your chosen clothes, such as a make up stain, or an aftershave spill.

There is no need to panic when trying to decide what to wear on a date. Regardless of the outfit you choose to wear, it is important that you feel comfortable wearing it and that it suits your body shape and style. If you feel comfortable in your clothes, you will appear more relaxed on a date and spend more time enjoying yourself rather than worrying about how you look. As long as you are clean and tidy and look like you have made an effort, then you are sure to make a great first impression.

WHY Do You Want Your Ex Back?

Every time I stumble across an article, video or ebook entitled, "How to Win Your Ex Back," I wince. These postings are all over the web: How to Get Your Girlfriend Back, I Want My Ex Back, Win Back the Love of Your Life.

My question is, why would you want to?

Now realize, I'm talking about relationships where the girl dumped you, not the other way around. If you were the one who did the breaking up – probably because you thought the grass was greener on the other side – and now you want her back, that's an entirely different situation that I'll address in a future article. For now I'm talking only about you as the dumpee.

The comedian Larry Miller, in one of his specials, told a piece about people who get divorced and then re-marry the same person they got divorced from. He said it's like going to the refrigerator, grabbing a carton of milk, taking a whiff and finding that the milk has gone sour. "Whew!" he said, "that milk's no good. Well, maybe if I put it back in the fridge, it'll be good in a few days."

The same idea applies to the relationship with your ex-girlfriend. If it didn't work the first time, why would it work the second time? Because you've both grown? Because you both made mistakes and have had time to reflect? Because you both realized you were destined to be together? Because it always happens in the movies?

Be honest. How many people do you know who have broken up, got back together and stayed together? I can tell you how many I know: none.

Yep, in the past I've tried to salvage broken relationships, too. And you know what? Once they're broke, they're never right again.

The only realistic option is to get on with your life.

I'm aware this notion won't be at all popular with those ever-hopeful, lovelorn guys who believe that by wishin' and a'hopin' and thinkin' and a'prayin' they'll manage to get that ex-girlfriend back into their arms once again. They would rather waste days and weeks and months moping around, whining and pleading with their former love, rather than simply accepting the fact that good things occasionally do come to an end.

You might ask, why can't it work the second time around? There are many reasons, most of which lie below the surface at a subconscious level. The main reasons, I believe, are these: too many painful memories, basic incompatibility, and the fact that now there's a breakup precedence. Once you've broken up it's just too easy to break up again at the slightest provocation.

With all the available women out there why do guys obsess over the one that got away? I believe it stems from insecurity. Somehow, the fact that one particular woman wasn't attracted enough to remain in a relationship with them reflects badly on their self-identity. They feel diminished. They feel like less of a man.
Many men, subconsciously believe that ALL women must be attracted to them, to one degree or another. We go through life cherishing the belief that every woman we meet secretly wants us. When one makes it painfully obvious that she doesn't, especially one with whom we've had a relationship, it's a massive blow to our ego. Not a very reasonable belief, but that's the male subconscious for you.

Rather than humiliating yourself by whining and pleading with her to take you back, rather than lapping up unrealistic advice on dating forums and prolonging the agony, resolve right now to move forward with your life. Accept the fact – and trust me, it is a fact – not every woman is attracted to you and not every relationship will work out to your satisfaction.

I do heartily recommend examining your failed relationships as honestly and rationally as possible. We learn much more from failure than we do from success. Be brutally honest with yourself. What did you do wrong in the relationship? What did you do right? Maybe there are beliefs, habits or behaviors you should change, though probably not the ones your ex suggested.

I can tell you one thing that every single guy who wants desperately to get his ex-girlfriend back needs to work on: insecurity.

Think about it. If you were truly secure in who you are, if you had high self-esteem, and some girl broke up with you through no fault of your own, why would you ever consider chasing after her? She dumped you, man. No longer wants to see you. (Though she might have tossed you the "I really want to stay friends" bone simply to ease her conscience.) A guy with healthy self-esteem would let her go with a fond farewell and immediately get on with his life.

So get on with your life. Exercise. Go out with friends. Flirt with other women. Throw yourself into your hobbies. If you don’t have a hobby, get one. Do something, anything, rather than sitting home and feeling sorry for yourself. Lay the past to rest right now and move forward. Tomorrow will be a better day, if you’ll let it be.

Mar 14, 2009

What stage is your relationship at? The Resistance Stage

What is it?

This is the toughest cycle of all as it's all about arguments and happens as you both battle and struggle with the balance of power in your relationship.

The good news

Regardless of how tough it may be, resistance is the way most of us work out if a relationship is worth all the effort.

Tempting, as it is to throw away what you have out of sheer frustration and anger, Denise Knowles suggests a better way to cope is take a deep breath and think of your relationship in the following way. 'When you have good times,' says Denise, 'consider that you are paying into your relationship bank balance, and when you have bad times you are simply drawing from it.'

The idea being to not panic and run when things get tough but balance up all the good against bad and use this to work out if it's worth saving or not.

The bad news

'Couples fight because we all have own belief systems so when someone has a different view or tries to assert their view over ours, we feel challenged and hostility sets in,' says Denise Knowles.

You'll know you're moving on

Thankfully you'll know you've finally made it through when suddenly your differences matter less and you begin to feel connected again.

What stage is your relationship at? The Commitment Stage

What is it?

This is the united stage of couple-dom - or as Bridget Jones once said, you've turned into a 'smug married'! In fact you are so secure with each other that you're probably wearing the same clothes and finishing each other's sentences.

The good news

Whatever you decide make sure you are both doing it for the right reasons and not just because you feel it's something you have to do. If you're both really excited about the future, then this will keep your relationship buzzing.

The bad news

Be careful, warns Tracey Cox. 'Be sure to instigate serious discussion on what you both want when planning things and don't just assume you're on the same page.' If you don't, then it could cause problems.

You'll know you're moving on...

If one of you is more thrilled than the other with plans you're making, then you're heading for what's known as the resistance stage.

What stage is your relationship at? The Reality Stage

What is it?

This is the post-honeymoon stage, the cycle where you start to nit-pick and bicker realising that your 'perfect' lover is not so perfect after all. It's still love but with the romantic edges rubbed off.

The good news

No matter how many times you are at this stage, it will help you to define and redefine your relationship. Not only will it help you move to a deeper stage of understanding but also with all the lust out of the equation, it can help you to confirm the real reasons why you want to be with each other.

The bad news

You may find your negative thoughts a little nerve-wracking and might start to think that you're not right for each other.

If you do feel this way, don't do anything hasty. 'All that's happening', says Tracey Cox, 'is you are reconciling your glorified image of this person from the romantic phase with a more realistic view of who he is and how you fit together.'

You'll know you're moving on...

The good news is you're ready for the next and more committed cycle when it hits you that faults and all, you love this man for who he is.

What stage is your relationship at? The Romance Stage

What is it?

We're talking goofy grins, soppy texts, sexy underwear and spontaneous sex, yes you're in the hearts and roses stage of your relationship and things couldn't be better.

The good news

Right now you can't get enough of each other. You want to gaze adoringly into each other's eyes, and think willingly about each other 24/7, which is good news for your intimacy and connection levels and fantastic news for the longevity of your relationship.

The bad news

'This is an OTT phase', warns relationship expert Tracey Cox and author of Hot Relationships (Corgi) so you tend to overlook each other's shortcomings. 'No matter how long you've been together, this can later lead to difficulties in your relationship as you willingly skim over potential problems.'

The answer, says Tracey, 'is to enjoy letting your heart rule your head for a while but don't make any rash decisions that you could later regret.'

You'll know you're moving on...

The next part of the cycle will be on its way when the urge for a bit of time apart keeps entering your head. However, don't mourn the romance cycle passing, it'll be back before you know it.

Mar 10, 2009

How To Cope With a Break Up

After you feel like you've taken enough time to gather your thoughts and emotions, don't be afraid to get back into the scene- dating, going out or whatever that may be. It's normal to feel the need for "alone time" right after a break up. Just be sure not to isolate yourself
for too long. Try going out and meeting new people when you feel ready. By doing this, you're not discounting your old relationship or ignoring the fact that you may need closure or time to heal; you're simply starting the process of moving on.

Break Up Rules

What Not To Do After A Break Up

There are a couple of significant mistakes that a lot of newly-single people make after a break up that prolong their pain and suffering. Follow these break up rules to assist you to find peace with the end of your relationship and avoid what not to do after a break up.

1. After a Break Up Don't: Remain 'Just Friends'

Accepting that your relationship is over is the very first step after a break up, and without this realization you'll be hard pressed to move on. Now is the time for renewal, not hopes for reconciliation. Sure, there may be a slight chance the two of you will get back together, but even the most astute 'get your ex back' manuals start with this first simple step: take a break.

Give yourself some time to mourn your loss. Get to know yourself as a single person. Toe your lines of independence and find out what makes you happy again. Staying friends with your ex will only prolong the pain. Think of any interaction with your ex like an addiction -- every single time you succumb, it'll be that much harder to refuse later.

2. After a Break Up Don't: Keep Remnants of the Relationship Lying Around

There are quite a few things considered 'remnants' of a relationship, including photos, cutesy trinkets, mementos, clothing, and even food. After a break up, especially if the two of you have children together, it can be challenging to remove all of these items from your home. Luckily that's not what I am asking you to do. Instead, fill a box with whatever items you feel will be necessary at some point in time in the future but still remind you strongly of your ex, and then put that box in a private, out-of-the way place for the time being. There will be more than enough reminders on a day-to-day basis of your ex's just because of how the human mind works. You won't need any extra help to add fuel to the break up fire.

3. After a Break Up Don't: Deny Negative Emotions That Surface

There is no doubt that you will feel strong emotions after a break up, such as loneliness, anger, fear, shame, uncertainty, humiliation, sadness, despair and jealousy. For many, these feelings will also surface physically, like crying or feeling like your heart is breaking.

Not only are these 'negative' emotions healthy, but they are important to feel in order to remain healthy. Sure, they seem miserable and probably don't make you feel better in the moment, but allowing yourself time to grieve is an important part of healing after a breakup. Plus, a scientific study undertaken in 1980 by Margaret Crepeau found that frequent criers are healthier people. So don't be afraid to comfort yourself via expressing your negative emotions.

4. After a Break Up Don't: Self-Medicate

If there were issues related to addictions, abuse, mental health (i.e. depression), or self-mutilation prior to your break up, please seek out professional help to assist with your specialized needs. (See: How Do I Find a Therapist?) The same goes for those finding themselves using drugs, alcohol, sex, cutting, or any other harmful self-medicating behaviors to cope with the pain after a break up. And if you feel the need to hurt yourself or someone else, please call a crisis hotline immediately.

5. After a Break Up Don't: Stop Taking Care of Yourself

Most people's basic needs are the same: food, sleep and protection from the elements (i.e. shelter and food). During a particularly difficult break up, some people aren't able to manage even these simple tasks -- which is understandable, although not acceptable.

If you cannot be your own best friend right now, ask for help. Talk to your friends, family, a counselor and/or loved ones and let them know you may need a bit of extra support in the next little while. Additionally, create a break up action plan to post in key places, such as on your fridge or hidden away in your desk at work. That way you'll have no only have people checking out for you, but you'll also have created a foolproof list of things that make you happy to refer to.

Mar 8, 2009

What Lies Behind Online Dating System

One of the many thriving businesses over the internet is online dating. It is imperative that online dating can be found everywhere, though, not everyone sees the obvious. Social marketing is a broader type of socialization and dating can be derived from this fun and social online community.

But, one would come to think of the real procedures behind online dating. What really goes behind the matchmaking system that online dating websites had dared to offer to billions of users?

Most people would really go for online dating websites that allow registration for free. But of course, free or not, a personal information is asked from signees. This is where the matchmaking wonder starts. The basics though, in terms of searching for potential dating partners, is based on location, age range and gender.
Along with the three mentioned above, a profile picture is required too. In looking for a potential partner whether it is online or not, an individual most likely responds to somebody who is pleasing to one’s sight. Although, this is of course, not a permanent discretion in the process of liking someone which often leads to dating.

Online dating works conveniently to people who want to meet individuals that make it to their interest range. But the ground in finding a potential mate is actually based to what all the other users of an online dating website provides – and that is the availability of information.

What helps also are websites that cater to this type of services do not have any limitation to time. One can get to know another individual as long as his or her own personal time allows it. There is no pressure with time, really, if it’s for free but if not, don’t forget to watch those bills monthly.

To round them all up, the information provided by each individual for another to look into is significant in building a relationship with someone. The real essence of selecting an invidual one has actually liked, lies in the bonding stage, understanding and respect of both party’s views.

It may seem like a huge task as it requires time and effort, but, if you are genuinely in the lookout for a potential life partner, online dating websites could just be the thing that you need now.

5 Steps to great online dating

1. What are you looking for?

One of the great things about the internet is its variety. If you want to meet someone on the internet, first decide who or what you are looking for. Do you want a date, a sexual encounter, a cyber-affair? Are you looking for a gorgeous model with little intelligence or a deep thinking philosophy major? Every type you could possibly think of is out there. You need to decide what type of site you are going to visit so you can prepare yourself for the type of responses you will get.

2. Set up your profile
Once you have found the right site, the next thing you need to do is set up an attractive profile to get noticed. Remember to add a photo of yourself. Studies have shown that profiles with photos get at least five times more responses than those without photos. You should fill in all your basic information like height, eye coulour, hobbies etc. as this gives a potential mate an idea of who you are. I believe that when you fill in a write up about yourself though, you shouldn’t give away everything about yourself. You need to create a bit of mystery to capture someones interest.

3. Conduct a search

Once you are happy with your profile, its time to start searching for someone to contact. Most dating sites have powerful searching functions with many options. I prefer not being too specific as you want to keep your options open. Try to find profiles which seem honest and realistic. A lot of people set up false profiles with false information about themselves and even false pics of themselves. After a while, you will learn to tell the honest from the dishonest profiles. Also be aware of scams. A lot of scammers set up profiles to lure you into getting money out of you.

4. Contact someone

By now, you have run a search and found someone you think is worth contacting. The first step is to break the ice. You don’t want to give someone your whole life story and you also don’t want to be too forward or come across as desperate. A lot of dating sites have short instant messages you can send. This is an automated message that just says something along the lines of “hi, I think you’re cute, want to chat?” These are a great idea as the person you’re contacting can look at your profile at their leisure and decide whether to contact you or not. Once you have broken the ice, send someone another mail with a bit more info about yourself and slowly establish trust and you’re on your way.

5. Things to remember

People all respond to a sense of humour. Never be too serious to start with. It’s a good idea to be a little cocky sometimes as people like a challenge. Try and keep someone guessing. A mysterious person is a lot more interesting than someone who lays out their whole life story before a prospective mate.

Have fun and good luck…

Mar 5, 2009

What Do Women Like About Men

With all of the advice online, which is best for attracting the opposite sex? Can I really trust this advice? If the subject is about attracting the opposite sex, we can refer to the science of evolution to get our answers.

Let's just put aside for the moment what women are telling us about what they're looking for in a man. Instead, we will simply observe their actual choices for a mate. The contrast between what they say they want and their actual choices is revealing.

There are women who say they want a man who listens to and appreciates what they have to say. But then go out with guys that dominate the conversation. Some women say they would like a gentle and kind man. But they'll date a guy who's got big muscles or perhaps has a lot of money.
Why all the discrepancies between what they say they would like and their actual choices? This paradox can be understood if you understand the true nature of attraction and how evolution has wired it into us.

First you need to know that attraction is not a thing that you have much control over. Women and men have very little if any control over the 'chemistry' of attraction. It's completely instinctual and was wired into us by evolution for reproductive reasons.

Men are interested in women who are in good health and are fertile. This is the reason why women who are youthful with curves of a certain proportion tend be favored by most men. Youth and a shapely body indicate high fertility. Some guys might say that they're more interested in other qualities, but their baser instincts drive them toward fertile women.

With sexual attraction, women too are governed by some very basic instincts. Women are drawn to men that can ensure the survival of their children. Thus they are attracted to strong and vigorous men who have a high status. A man of high status who is fit is a better provider than a weak man of low status.
The men with status are usually the leaders who exhibit great confidence. They are known as alpha males or the 'real men' that women refer to. So this is why power and big muscles will always beat niceness or the good listener every time.

When all of humanity where hunter/gatherers, listening to our women or even being nice to them wasn't essential for survival. What truly mattered more than all else was having the vigor and confidence to bring home the bacon. Only these qualities made a man successful at providing for his family.
Now you know why nice guys have no sex appeal. Or men that have no backbone and are unable to take charge. These are not attractive attributes in a man.

Today, having big muscles isn't all that essential if you're able to project strength and vitality. This can be done by the clothing that you choose to wear, the way you walk, and your level of physical fitness. Strength is also conveyed in how you act. A wuss is not sexy.

Many would say that the qualities of an attractive man are shallow. And in a way, that's correct. But keep in mind that sexual attraction is also a shallow thing. It's very old, primitive, and basic. It's a potent force that drives us all and has ensured the proliferation of our species.

While women are drawn by the qualities described here, these qualities aren't much good for keeping a relationship strong for the long term. But that's another topic. Before a relationship is possible though, you will have to attract someone first.

Mar 2, 2009

Dating Tips For Women In Relationships: How To Attract A Man?

I have never had a boyfriend. I used to make an effort when I was younger but I made such a mess of things that I just came to the conclusion that I was useless with men.

I now think that I am simply not good enough to attract anybody. The thing is I have loads of male friends and I go out quite a lot with them. With these thoughts I know there is no way I would ever ask a man out. I couldn't imagine a man wanting to be with me. How can I stop thinking so negatively?

Dating Tips For Women In Relationships: How To  Attract A Man?

Dating men: avoid ending up in a friend zone

For average looking girls the dating game is a "numbers game". You have to get confident approaching men in the only possible way: approaching a lot of men. And of course, be prepared to accept a lot of rejection.

Expect to get rejected by at least 3 men before getting the first positive results. Most of them will also accept casual chatter, a drink or coffee date with you but end up in a friend zone.

Signs showing whether a man is interested with you

When a man says you "Let Just Be Friends" he is actually saying "You don't turn me on and will NEVER have sex with me" in a nice way. Rejection is an odd thing. It's good because it means you're actually doing something in the right direction instead of feeling powerless and hopeless.

But it may cause you several undesirable feelings ranging from a slight embarrassment to a crushed self-esteem. The only way to get over those feelings is to experience it over and over again.

Shy women approaching and courting men

Bottom line: Quite frankly, rejection never got easier to absorb. If anything, for the most part, what ever self esteem I had worked hard to build up, was chipped away by all the rejections. The best thing for shy girls here to do is to try and establish a good deal amount of friendships with as many people as possible, of both sexes, and try to network your way into a relationship.

Feb 27, 2009

Revive your relationship: 10 great date ideas

The surprise date

Pretend that you're taking your date to the cinema or to do something normal and then surprise them with tickets to a show and a fancy dinner. Everybody loves surprises and it will definitely score you a few brownie points.

The active date

Haven't been ice skating since you were young? Even better! It gives you a good excuse to cling on to your fella for an hour and you'll both have a giggle trying to stay st



He'll love showing off his skills and will feel

all macho guiding you round the rink. Just try to


ck a time which isn't likely to be popular with groups of teens.

The boozy date

Both like a drink or two? Well instead of heading down to your local, why not try a wine-tasting evening? So what if you can't tell your Shiraz from your Sauvignon, you'll have a laugh pretending to know what you're doing and you'll get to taste some top-notch wines while you're at it.

The credit crunch date
Whatever the season, there's a date waiting for you in the great outdoors. Why not go for a romantic stroll along thebeach, a walk in the woods, snuggle round a campfire or even feed the squirrels at the local park. Not even the credit crunch can ruin this date!

The alternative movie night
Pack the kids off to bed, rent the latest blockbuster, but instead of shelling out for an expensive takeaway pizza, whynot make one of your own. You've got all the ingredients for the perfect evening in.

The hobby date
We've all got something we love doing. Whether your partner is obsessed with the footy, loves animals (yes, it seems there really are duck-herding shows out there) or it's something else - choose one of their hobbies that you can also enjoy on the date and the shared fun will revive the romance.

The foodie date
Being a foodie doesn't have to set off money alarm bells. If you're clever you can get your mitts on lots of freebies at your local farmers' market. If you do buy anything then why not create a meal with the ingredients when you get home. We think its best enjoyed with a drink to round off the date.

The unusual date
There are lots of ways to spend a date, however long you've been together. Why not visit a haunted house, take a trip on a riverboat or in the case of bad weather, explore the local caves. If you're still keen on dinner ideas, why not have a 'progressive dinner date' where you eat your starter, main course and dessert each at a different restaurant. Ideally you'd finish up in a rooftop restaurant, of course!

The light-relief date
If things have been a bit tense recently then you probably need a bit of fun instead of an intense dinner date. So why not try a comedy night? Lots of comedy places also have informal food and drinks on site so you can include those too.

The ultimate romance date

If you want to go all-out and you have some cash to splash, why not treat your other half to a romantic hot air balloon ride for two with champagne - many companies provide this at nationwide venues and prices start from about £100 each. Alternatively dinner and dancing is a stylish alternative way to rekindle the romance.

Feb 26, 2009

9 Seductive Dating Ideas

How To Seduce Your Date

No matter if you are in a long term relationship looking to fuel the fires of desire with your partner or are just looking for ways to seduce your lover, these seductive dating ideas are meant to inspire. Have fun!

1. Take a Bath Together

Romantic Bath

Whether you go all out with champagne and bubbles or take the sensory high road with a sakura bath bomb, a luxurious bath with your sweetie, complete with candles, bathrobe and sexy music is a great stage for seduction.

2. Have a Picnic


A basic seduction how to would be remiss if it didn't include eating some sort of sensual foodstuffs off your partners' body. Take this seductive dating idea to the next level with a picnic, edible flowers and chocolate covered strawberries for a not-to-be-forgotten event.

3. Test Aphrodisiacs

Make tonight's date a taste adventure by trying out a variety of aphrodisiacs with your partner. They could be things that are well known for their seductive properties (like oysters) or more sensual in nature than anything (like chocolate fondue).

4. Perform a Striptease

Take a cue from the heightened interest in burlesque these days and try to give your loved one something they will never forget - a personalized striptease just for them. Try the underwear department of your favorite clothing store for ideas, or a costume company for rentals.

5. Give a Massage

Chocolate Massage Bar
There are few things more relaxing and seductive than a skin to skin massage. Try using a warmed massage stone for an added, unusual twist, or purchase some massage bars for delightful additions.

6. Take a Vacation

Seduction doesn't always have to happen at home. In fact, it may add to the mystique if you plan something sexy for the two of you to enjoy elsewhere. And your vacation can be as simple as an hour-long spa treatment for the two of you to enjoy, or something as complex as a two-week long vacation to the tropics.

7. Send Text Messages

Cell Phone
They are unexpected, inexpensive and unusual, so a seductive text message might just add some icing to a sexy date request. Spend some time planning several hours worth of messages through your cell phone company, perhaps by time stamping a couple ahead of time. The possibilities are only as fixed as your imagination -- so why not prepare a text message scavenger hunt where the end result is one of the other seductive dating ideas mentioned here?

8. Park

Remember when you were a teenager and couldn't find anywhere to have some alone time with your date? With a bit of creativity, the idea is just as seductive now. You could always take a bar of soap and write sexy messages on the side windows of your car as well before leaving, so that when the two of you heat up the vehicle your notes will be displayed.

9. Read Erotica Together

52 Invitations to Grreat Sex
Whether you find some the internet, purchase a book online or write your own - erotica is powerful stuff, and can be used in a variety of ways to seduce your partner. Go for something you know your partner will like, or get a bit risque and try an idea out that the two of you have never explored before.

Feb 23, 2009

Simple Love - Have You Found Your Love Match?

Love is a special kind of feeling to be more specific an emotion by which the world rules. Love in general could be between anything not necessary between a guy and a girl. The motherly love, the friendly love and all these feeling make us to survive in the world. Now days love marriages are very common, not because everyone started to take up independent decisions but since many of the arranged marriage ended up in failure. Despite all astrological factors, couples could not continue their relationships just because the two hearts were incompatible.

So it's very preferably to understand each other and then get into a relation which many have started practicing now. for more choosing a partner we have to take in considerations a lot of factors because once decided wrongly it is we who are going to suffer. Despite the physical beauty and appearances the character and nature of a person is important as appearances are always deceptive and beauty in external fades away with time. Once you decide up your partner check out the compatibility between you both. Make a simple love match test and find out your both love matches.

This can be done by adopting very simple techniques which might include the sharing of thoughts among you both, knowing whether your partner too has similar kinds of thoughts not necessarily similar but he/she , must have the strong thoughts of respecting you, loving you not only now but always. Your life partner is the one who is going to support you and be with you for the rest of your life so think twice or thrice before coming to conclusions.
Ask a few questions which you think are very much worth knowing from your partner and if you feel the answers are quite satisfactory and also make u comfortable go on with the idea. Checking out your love match is very important when it comes to today's atmosphere. Not necessary you must be superstitious to believe these. But we must understand that all these are just to make our relationship strong and thereby preventing unhealthy relations. One more important thing to be noted is that your partner need not to be exactly like what you wish and what u are. for visit is in fact not encouraged to choose such a partner. Choose the one who can read your mind, understands your actions, and who can complement and hide your weakness.
Also a prime factor is he/she should be able to give you mental and happiness from heart than physical happiness. Physical happiness is a part of living but it can be achieved only when two souls come together rather than being two physical bodies. All these love matching tests help us to be strong in our love relations and we have to keep in mind that maintaining a relation is all the more difficult than creating one. Thus finding out your match and understanding the basic similarities and differences of your partner would make you lead a happy and successful life!!!

How to Tell if a Single Woman is Really Interested in You

It's very important to learn how a single woman acts, speaks, and uses body language around you that indicates that she is romantically or sexually interested in you. When you learn these signs, you can use this to your advantage. If a woman is truly interested in you, this really increases your chances of scoring with her. Use these guidelines to tell if a single woman is truly interested and attracted to you:

Big smiles with upper and lower teeth showing with a relaxed face.
She gazes in your eyes with deep interest and her pupils are dilated (this could be mistaken for being high on drugs).
Biting of the lips or showing of the tongue, licking her lips or touching of her front teeth.
While talking to you she is slowly stroking her cocktail glass up and down with her thumb and index finger.
If she is wearing clothes that shows her nipples underneath and you notice they are getting perky and erect.
She starts sitting straight up and her muscles appear to be firm.
Her crossed leg is pointed towards you or if that same leg is rocking back and forth towards you.
She raises or lowers the volume of her voice to match yours.
She rubs her chin or touches her cheek. This indicates that she's thinking about you and her relating in some way.
She blows smoke straight out from between her lips and toward you.
She winks at you while talking to you or winks at you from a distance.
She exposes the palms of her hand facing you.
She twirls her hair around her fingers while she is looking at you.
Her skin tone becomes red while being around you.
She rubs her wrists up and down.
She puts her fingernail between her teeth.
She laughs in unison with you.

She touches your arm, shoulder, thigh, or hand while talking to you.
Plays with her jewelry, especially with stroking and pulling motions.
She mirrors your body language and body positions.
Eyebrows raised and then lowered, then a smile usually indicates interest in you.
While talking to you, she rest an elbow in the palm of one hand, while holding out her other hand, palm up.
In a crowd she speaks only to you and focuses all of her undivided attention on you.
While talking to you, she blinks more than usual, fluttering her eyelashes.
She speeds up or slows down her speaking to match yours.

I know this is a lot of signs to look for, but this will be to your advantage to know if she's interested in you. If she's not truly interested in you, you will just be wasting your time on her. Memorize these positive signs to determine if she's got the "hots" for you and take advantage of the situation accordingly with your charm and seduction techniques.

Feb 22, 2009

Interesting Points when Dating Girls

For many guys, dating girls can be a nerve wrecking experience. Although everyone does it, not everyone loves it. And if you are ever going to find the special one, whether you enjoy dating or find it stressful and horrible, you have to do it. Nevertheless, some mundane behavior must be avoided to make a good impression and have a successful date. So, here is some advice for you.

The most important point to remember when dating girls is “Girls are not guys”. Also keep in mind the following important points:

  • Immaturity- Keep in mind that for most girls is not fun to make noises by placing their hands under their armpits and acting like a winged creature. Even if they are drunk, they might not accept that childish behavior. Save this conduct for guy’s night.

  • Conquest brag- Your past relationships should stay in the PAST. Who thinks it is cool to brag about your previous relationship conquests? Right, only guys do. Though being greeted by a few girls show that you are desirable or sociable, they do not think it is great to have their guy greeted by every woman in the place. Take her to a different spot just to be safe and never, mention your ex.

  • Dress code- First impressions are very important and looking like a bum may sabotage dating women. So, wear your ratty old jeans after you know she is really yours. Trust me on this one. Maybe later – way later, like after the kids become teenagers – it will be okay for this kind of thing to happen. But for now: take a shower, put on something nice like khakis and a pullover shirt, and have flowers in hand instead of greasy fast food. Why take stupid chances?

  • Thriftiness- Although you might be experiencing rough economical times, do not make your penny-pinching attitude so obvious. They do not love it when their date pulls out buy-one-get-one-free coupons at the restaurant cash register. I even like bargains myself, but use those freebies when you go out with your mom (who will love your thriftiness) or your best buddy (who wouldn’t notice or care how you paid). Don’t make your date think that she is not worth full price.

  • Body relieves- Dude, that’s plain rude on your early dates. Burping and farting contests are not interesting or amusing to them. Be plainly inconsiderate and she will be gone like a lightning. Again, save it for football night with the frat brothers.

Considering the above things about dating girls will take you beyond anything else when it comes to having a great time on your dates. Remembering above points about dating girls will also allow you to get more than one date with the same lady. There are lots of people who will offer you lots of advice about dating women, and even some who will simply say, “Be yourself.” If your behavior consists of some of the points mentioned, then, that would be bad advice.

10 Ways to Get a Date Tonight (without spending a penny)

Although these tips can be used by anyone, they are written primarily for guys. This is only because women don't typically need nearly as much help as the guys do. Also, please note that for most women, it will take a more gradual approach to getting a date with them. For example, you meet somehow, then get a phone number or email, then get in touch again, and then after at least one or two calls or emails, you would actually set up a first "date". The purpose of this article is to give some tips that can help you get a date right now. Even though many people like to "warm up" to someone first, the truth of the matter is this: guys and girls will sometimes find themselves sitting around feeling lonely and having no real plans for the evening (or day). Hopefully, this will help you accelerate the process and get you on a date right now!

1. Have a plan. First of all, you need to think ahead a bit. You don't want to just spend all of your time trying to get a date lined up, and then not have anything planned to do. It will definitely be much easier to get a date, if you have a definite plan. For example, you could simply be planning on going to see a new movie that's out, or going to see a concert, or just going for a bike ride or walk. Either way, it should be something that you are genuinely interested in doing. This way, there's a little less pressure about the whole "date" thing. You can invite someone to join you in doing something that you were going to do with or without a date. Once you've got some ideas for some things to do, you can move on to the next tips.

2. Call a friend. This one can go several ways. First of all, if you know any girls that are really just friends, you've got a huge advantage. For one, there's always the possibility that the friend could eventually evolve into a girlfriend. This is rare, but it is possible. Secondly, if you have a cool female friend that you can hang out with, it will make you more attractive to other women when you're out with her since women judge men partially by their valuation from other women. (This is a topic for a whole different article.) Also, the more attractive the woman you are with is, the more women will take interest in you. Either way, it's definitely good to hang out with female friends. As long as she knows that you're not on a "date", and that you are actively looking to meet women, she can help. Just by being there, she will enable other women to let their guards down. Women are much more approachable and easy to talk to if they think that you are already with someone. Another bonus of the female friend is her friends. If she genuinely likes you as a friend, she may introduce you to some of her girlfriends or female co-workers, etc.

3. Craigslist. This one can be very rewarding, but it will take some patience. The good news is that it's free, and a lot of people use it. Craigslist is one of the most visited websites in the world. The bad news is that it's very easy for people to create fake personal ads. Some are prostitutes, some are fakes trying to get you to join some adult websites, and some are just strange people that have nothing better to do. Either way, it's fairly easy to weed out the fake ones. First of all, you can create a free personal ad by just visiting, and choosing the major city that's nearest you. Then you just click on which "Personals" you want to post in (like "men seeking women"). Create a simple ad that gives enough information to describe your personality and tastes, but don't tell your entire life story. Then make it clear that you're looking for company for tonight, but be specific. Real women will not respond to a guy just looking for someone to come over and have sex tonight, but they may respond if you're looking for a date to see a play or a concert. Also, do not mention anything about sex! This will never attract "real" women to your ad. It will only attract fakes. Don't be afraid to post a photo too. If you don't, you are greatly reducing your chances of anyone responding to your ad. To avoid the "fakes", it's simple. If their photos look like model shots, or they are half naked, then they're more than likely fake. Also, if in their ad, or in their email messages, they talk about sex or just sound way to good to be true, then they probably are. Real women want to know about you. They won't waste their time describing how hot they are and how much they like you already (how could they, since you've never met yet?).

4. Join MySpace & Facebook. This could get quite lengthy, so I'm not going into great detail. The basics are this: Join both websites. They're both free, and they both have hundreds of millions of people. There's many ways to meet people, whether it's from contacting old friends or classmates to chatting in forums or groups where you have common interests. The best quality of both sites is probably the way that the "friend" networks work. To make a long story short, if you have a "friend", then their "friends" will see you on their "friend" list. People are voyeurs, and love to check out everyone else's "friends". This puts you "out there" giving you a little more exposure, which could always result in meeting someone. Once you've got this established, you can log on anytime of day and contact "friends" or make new ones.
5. Join dating websites. Believe it or not, there are some decent
online dating websites that are free. You've got nothing to lose by putting yourself out there. Join as many as you want. Why not, if they're free? Just be weary of the many sites that say that it's "free to join" but then after you join, you find out that you need to "upgrade" to actually contact or be contacted by other members.

6. Visit a bookstore. This one's pretty simple. Just go visit one of the larger chain bookstores (the kind that don't mind if you're hanging out for a while), and simply spend some time honestly checking out some books on subjects that genuinely interest you. Then, when a girl comes to your section, you'll have something in common to start a conversation about. If things go well, you could move the conversation over to Starbucks over coffee. That's an instant "date"!

7. What about your co-workers? Again, this one has several facets to it. One is that you've already got something in common if you work together, so it should be easier to ask someone out (assuming it's ok with your boss). Just make it real casual, like "hey, let's stop for coffee after work tonight". Try something like that rather than dinner or drinks. That way it doesn't feel like a real "date". The advantage of this is that if things don't go well, then it shouldn't be awkward seeing her at work the next day. Even if you don't end up "dating" a co-worker, you may develop a good female friend that can still possibly hook you up with a friend of hers. Besides, any time out with a woman is also giving you more opportunities to develop your "dating skills".

8. Join a forum. This one probably won't happen in just one day, but once you get yourself established (like with MySpace, etc.) it's a great way to meet other people that have common interests. Nowadays, there's a forum for just about any subject or hobby. For example, if you have a passion for cooking, I'm sure that you can find a great cooking forum to join. Then just stay active on the forum by answering questions, giving tips, asking questions, exchanging ideas, etc. Most forums allow you to create a profile with a picture, so if someone likes some of your posts, they will be interested in checking out your profile. If you live nearby, you could make a date to cook for each other.

9. Exercise. If these tips were in order (which they're not) this one would definitely be near the top. First of all, exercise makes you feel better, look better, and have more self confidence. Second of all, no matter where you exercise, there are usually other people around (unless you're in your basement). Go to the beach, the gym, or just walk on the trails near your neighborhood. Just don't try to talk to someone with headphones on or interrupt a girl that's obviously in the middle of a serious workout. Bad idea...

10. Try your cell phone. I saved this one for last, since it's almost a joke. It absolutely can work, but it's should really be more of an experiment or a last resort. To do this, you'll need to already have a bunch of women's phone numbers. Maybe they're from girls that you met a long time ago, but never really got a chance to hit it off with, or numbers from girls that gave you their number, but never returned your calls. Either way, here's what you do: Create an event to do, like going to a movie or concert, and then you "accidentally" send a text to all the girls on your phone saying something like "that sucks that you can't make it tonight". Of course when they get the message, they'll be confused, and probably call or text you back asking what's going on. Then you just explain that you're "date" or "friend" had to cancel on you at the last minute, and you texted them on accident. But, then you go ahead and invite them to join you by saying something like "hey, would you like to go to the show with me?" I hate to lie, but there's really no one getting hurt here. Even if the girls that respond are not interested or are unavailable, they may have a friend that is. What have you got to lose?

In conclusion, these tips for getting a date tonight are just the beginning. The bottom line is to think outside the box. Most people think that you need to get all dressed up, go drinking at some expensive nightclub, and try to score some phone numbers only to end up playing phone tag before hopefully scheduling an actual "date". These tips are more about utilizing other resources to meet girls, and casually invite them to do something now. If the timing is right, and you can hit it off well with someone, it should be pretty easy to get a date tonight...

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