Mar 27, 2009

The errors men will NOT admit

Women expect their men to be perfect. The better a man treats a woman, the higher the expectations get.
This is simply because we want him to be flawless. Even when there aren’t any big issues in our relationships, we start picking at the minor ones, which seems irrational to our partners.
We’ve composed a short list of the errors that our beloved men would never admit, but that never go unnoticed by us.

He doesn’t follow the conversations.

Sometimes women put too much emotion while talking about a daily situation at work and tend to go into too many details about how irritating and unfair certain things were. His reaction consists of nodding his head, pretending to be listening. As soon as you ask him “Are you listening to me?” you get the answer “Of course, you just said…” and then he repeats your last words that he has remembered. However, this doesn’t mean that he is following the conversation. You have to simply accept the fact that usually men have bigger things on their mind and are not interested in the gossips that you’re so eager to share with them.

He’s checking out other women.

You saw the way he eyed the cleavage of that foxy waitress and then discretely followed the curves of the chick right in front of you. Most of the times you choose to ignore it, but if you are in a bad mood, jealousy starts eating from the inside and quickly balloons into a scandal. The reaction that you get is usually a surprised look from him and the question “What is the matter with you? I accidentally looked into her! Would you want for me to just keep my eyes shut?” He will never admit that another woman is attractive in front of you, because he knows what your reaction will be. And so do you.

He forgot your anniversary.

If this happens and he hasn’t mentioned anything throughout the day, what usually follows is that you are going to start yelling at him for being so forgetful, which will result in his leaving and returning in the evening with a big bouquet and an expensive gift, saying something like “You didn’t think that I had forgotten our special day, did you? I wanted it to be a surprise”.

Commenting in front of his friends.

Men share much more than we do. Some even more. If you find out that he has talked with his buddies about moments of your intimate life, that will make you furious, but he will deny it has ever happened. You should keep in mind that you too share a lot of private details about your life with your girlfriends while claiming that you don’t. It seems that you’re even.

He doesn’t help with the housework.

If someday you decide to start a fight because he never helps around the house, he will think of, at least, 3 times that he has picked up the table, has washed the dishes or has vacuumed the apartment. And he did it for you! Wow, what an accomplishment! Almost all men believe that housework is restricted to women only, which is why they consider every ‘female’ work they’ve done as a compromise.

He falls asleep in front of the TV.

He is watching an interesting movie or a sports game. However, half way through it, it becomes apparent that he’s in the middle of his second dream. As soon as you reach for the remote to switch it off, he lifts his head and says “Don’t, I am watching that! No,I haven’t fallen asleep?!”

He’s not good at the “Man’s work”.

Not all men are good at fixing the oven or piece together the cabinet. However, all men claim that they can. Why? Simply because they’re certain that this is their field of expertise. Personally, I can think of several examples that prove that sometimes women are better at this than their male partners.

I am sure that you can think of numerous stories, where our strong partners don’t admit their flaws or errors. After all, they are the strong gender. There is no room for week streaks. At least not in their own eyes.

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