Mar 27, 2009

Dinner for two – strategy and tactics

Clothing, behavior and the location of the date of the couple give away their intentions. The invitation itself is simply an occasion for the two to get intimate.

What strategy should you choose and what female tactics should you apply depending on your intentions towards the man?

Going out

For a man - choosing to meet you on neutral ground indicates that he has serious intentions and is not afraid to be seen with you in private. Don’t take the initiative under any circumstances.

Sit face towards him with your back against the main light in the room. This way you stay in the shadow while being able to follow his reactions. At the same time the fact that you are facing most of the people makes him understand that he is by far not the only man in the world and he has to work for your interest.

The main advantages of the restaurant flings are the eye flirt and the spicy conversations. At the end of the evening be sure to thank for the wonderful night and ask him to walk you to your place. However, keep your distance as you don’t want him to assume that you are paying for the dinner with sex.

At his place

If a man invites you over to his home, this means that he is willing to do anything for you. Sit by his side - this way you don’t have to make eye contact, but you can touch him. Again, don’t take the lead - he invited you so let him make the effort. Don’t hurry and announce that you’re not wearing any underwear - an appropriate time for this spicy detail would be when he kisses you or places his hand on your knee. Regardless of how events unfold after that, don’t spend the night at his place.

At your place

Only opt for this choice, if you simply wish to have a single wonderful night with the guy.
Be sure to wear something that comes off quickly and serve the dinner in the bedroom. A good choice of food would be fruits and light wine as the dinner is simply a ground to get him in your bed. It won’t take too long to get what you want.
In the morning treat him to some coffee, but outside of the bed, compliment him and send him on his way. However, don’t expect a following call after this event. If you really want him, you can make the first call - it’s often the case that he is simply shy and thinks that he’s not up to your level.

If you want things to get serious

Dress up with clothes that fit and flatter your body, but at the same time are not too provocative. Let him understand that he has to work harder, if he wants to know what’s underneath them. Don’t sit next to him.
Choose a spot at the table that provides an easy getaway in case of more imprudent jokes from his part. If he doesn’t attempt intimacy throughout the dinner that means that he isn’t planning on doing so at a later date either. Most probably he is either up for a romantic evening or he is nervous.
After dinner you can start doing the dishes. He will either try to pull you away by kissing and touching you (keep the game going) or he will compliment you on the coziness of your home (to which your reply can be a sigh and a remark that there’s no one to change the light bulb in the bathroom). The third possibility is for him to leave straight after the dinner and if this is the case - don’t bother trying running after him (it’s not that you need such an asshole in the first place!).

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