Apr 27, 2009

Dating on a Dime

Three time-tested tips and tons of ideas to help you save during the wooing phase.

With the economy taking its toll on your pocketbook and Uncle Sam sucking up what little savings you had left on tax day, you're probably in prime money-saving mode right about now, with not a penny to spare.

Unfortunately, the foundering economy doesn't make it any easier to get to know someone new -- or to spend time together without busting your budget. Here are a few ways to woo your sweetheart when you have little to no money to burn.

  • Make something – Whether it's dinner, a collage or just a mess, creating something from scratch together is fun, and often free. Bond with your new love interest while you whip up a culinary delight using only what you have in the pantry, get cozy while using old magazines to clip out words that describe each other or try your hand at painting something worth hanging on the fridge.
  • Go green – Invite Mother Nature along on your date and go for a walk in your favorite neighborhood, have a mud or snowball fight, find a secluded spot for a picnic, dive into the local swimming hole, sing cowboy songs while camping, tour your college campus at night, go hiking or simply take your romance on the road for a scenic drive.
  • Be kids again – Channel your inner child and challenge each other's skills at board games, break out the cameras and take some silly pictures, join an intramural sports team or find an afternoon pickup game, volunteer to play with the puppies at your local animal shelter or launch a movie marathon and agree that the first person who surrenders their spot on the couch has to watch whatever their sweetheart wants.

You don't have to spend money to be romantic. Use these tips to plan fun, memorable dates without spending a dime!

Apr 8, 2009

Find Your Love Match - The Libra Love Life - Success and More Love

The classic Libra looks for harmony and peace, and loves to spend lots of money on luxuries. Libras desire to shine socially and are pleasure-loving, curious, vivacious, affectionate, expressive, energetic, warm, sociable, and very in love with attractive things. As her lover, you are expected to do the same, however, with a certain point of excessiveness, since Libras are very pricey.

In love, this Sign is indecisive about making a commitment. Yes, they are romantic and but they also have a very fickle nature. Libras are very sentimental. While they believe in tender love, they still want to flirt explaining why they cannot settle down with one partner. They want to explore all their options. They want their opportunities to be always culturally accepted. They wish for partners more for convenience than for love. They are quite tolerant lovers and have the ability to get along with anybody that's why a jealous and possessive lover can never stand the fun-loving Libra.

These people are no doubt agreeable and sociable. They are charming and understanding lovers. The problem with these people is that they are often mistaken to be a bit too insecure for they don't want to be left out in a crowd. They try their best not to remain alone. Maybe that is the motive behind their likeness towards others which results them having a lot of acquaintances and very few close loyal friends.

However, this sign is surprisingly, very sensual and generous lover who has deep desire to satisfy and please their lover in bed. They are teasing by nature and are experts in lovemaking. A definite mishmash complicated to defy but you have to be serene with them because for them to have sexual relationship it is important that the other person must demand to their idealistic and loving fantasies. They want to be loved and desired as they are over-romantic and idealistic at heart.

Find Your Love Match - The Fun and Unpredictable Sagittarius Love Life

The Sagittarius, being fiery sign is like fire itself --- they love to investigate for fun and are full of enthusiasm with whatever they do. They can be boldly passionate and bursting of fun kind of lovers and you, as their partner, should not try to invade their space because they are value their freedom a lot.

They are wild, obsessive and daring in lovemaking. The danger with his sign is their sexual relationships with one partner for long bores them and they get this urge to move and explore their alternatives. Sagittarians are freedom-loving individuals, who love to see new things, enjoy and have fun. They are very warm, loving, caring as well as affectionate. They love to meet new people, mingle in the crowd and party a lot.

However, a typical Sagittarius does have one stinging quality. During unguarded times, they may be too frank to pass a remark on a person without taking into account how the other person will experience about it. Though they never intentionally hurt a person, they are so up-front that this happens often. You must watch out when you are a very sensitive person. This sign's frankness might blow you away.

Blunt Sagittarius will say what it thinks without second thoughts, is totally restless, adventuresome, imaginative, and puts a high value on entertaining themselves. You must both have mutual love of the outdoors and a fondness for socializing.

Sagittarius needs change, variety, and escapades. While a Sagittarius is both venturesome and clever, they cannot stand a partner who is overtly cautious and emotional. They look for excitement and new experiences. They are also quick-tempered but can cool down quickly. These independent, freedom-loving roamers and they will give their lovers an exciting, chaotic but definitely not boring, eventful relationship. They have a flighty, lighthearted approach to love so better be not that committed in your early relationship. Take time to be venturesome, sociable and expansive. Sagittarius love to have a partner who is outspoken, a bit bossy, great zest for living and a forward-looking viewpoint.

If you would like to learn and discover the Sagittarius love life (and of other signs as well), visit my website to get your hands on my FREE report which has helped thousands of men get women they thought they never had a chance with!

Find Your Love Match - Find Out More About the Scorpio Love Life

The most intense lovers are under the sign of Scorpio and, undoubtedly, these souls are extremely passionate when they devote their feelings to the one they truly love. They thrive to be better and more powerful when they feel firm and secure within a relationship. Sex, for a Scorpion, is an expression of love and they, more often than not, use it as a means to manipulate their partners. The mates of Scorpio individuals will never grasp what is on the mind of their partners since this Sign is basically and always mysterious by nature and they tend to be intensely loyal.

The one exclusion to this is when a Scorpio native is engaging in expression through his or her passion. These are watchful, calm and dedicated souls who can be as protective of the ones they love as they are of their own vulnerable emotions and feelings. The Scorpion is also fiercely faithful, supportive, protective, unshakable and generous. But beware the sting of the Scorpion --- they can be the worst enemy and are violently jealous and possessive lovers. The Scorpio tends to be dominating in any relationship since feeling in control is one of the ways in which they can invest the heart.

Although there is a notorious covetous streak here, accompanied by a deep-rooted selfishness, the Scorpio native is capable of an unequaled level of trust and faith in terms of love and romance. Those who fall under the jurisdiction of this Zodiac Sign are usually fearless to face either life or death and such boldness translates into sexual expression. They can reach the highest highs or the lowest lows in whatever passion they pursue and they are the most intense, open and dynamic individuals of the Zodiac in terms of physical intimacy.

Scorpios have a very secretive, stubborn and has a brooding nature, and as a lover, this will truly test your patience. They are highly demanding and challenging. They are so deep and extreme that every little thing will become so dramatic. That being said, they will also shower you with their fierce and undying love of no end.

Apr 3, 2009


Nothing can be more warm and charming than an exquisite flower bouquet. Take your pick and convey your love to your sweetheart with the help of this earth shattering idea of flower gifts. Make your love get swayed by the aroma of these fantastic flower ranges.

Flowers are the most charming and Beautiful object in this world. The entire world is pale without the breathtaking aroma of flowers. It defines all kinds of emotions. A flower can speak volumes which words cannot say. Sometimes the overwhelming fragrance of flowers can do wonder on any uncanny state of affairs. A human heart, no matter how much loutish he is, the mesmerizing cologne of flowers never fails in bringing a beam of joy in his face which brightens up the whole air. Flowers are the most ideal way to express your love which even words fail to say. Flowers speak their own lingo. Different flowers signify different facet of love. Some love flowers implies love at first sight, some flowers means true love, some means loyal love, some means pure love, some beauty and so on.

Following are the flowers that delineate love. Orchid defines beauty and love, Orange Blossom signifies eternal love, Carnation White implies pure love, Gloxinia is for love at first sight love, Daisy is for loyal love, Red Tulips is used to show your love, Rydal Rose indicates happy love, Aster is a love symbol, Gardenia for secret love and Red Rose conveys the message �I love you�.Apart from all these renowned solo love flowers, there are some more that are found in bunches and are allocated a unique name. Some of the well known ones are love one dozen red roses, fragrant garden basket of love, blooming love peace lily, natural wonders love bouquet, lover�s purple mist, aromatic love flowers, loving expression, stunning beauty love bouquet, pink beauties love basket, love daisy vase, spring fresh love, splendor of the sun, peach rose love basket, sweet love basket, love dainty d�cor, lovers� crimson �n cream, pacific paradise love Arrant, love roses and orchids galore, blooming iris love bouquet, true inspiration and lots more. The language of flowers sometimes called Floriography, is assumed to have begun in the Middle-East but is said to have blossomed in the Victorian Age, when lovers and rivals use to share friendly clandestine merely by just exchanging a flower despite the presence of their guardians and kings. Flowers can convey all kinds of emotion to your loved ones devoid of any speech.

Roses have varied classifications. The color of roses defines the nature of emotion. Following are some of the category of roses that characterizes various emotions. Blue rose defines mystery, Burgundy rose implies beauty, dark pink rose confers gratitude, light pink rose is for admiration and sympathy, orange rose signifies passion, pink rose defines grace, red rose denotes love, white rose identifies with innocence, purity, secrecy, reverence and humility and lastly yellow rose implies dying love or platonic love or infidelity. Black roses do not exist in nature but nevertheless they are often featured in fictions with many different meanings. It means roses of black color. According to Goth mythology, black rose signifies tragic love. White rose may be dyed black but that would be fake ones. It was also symbolical in the 19th century. Back then black roses use to hold a message of death, hatred or farewell.

That special someone will walk on air when you will send them this captivating blend of exquisite love flowers with some bright love balloons to add a shimmer to your gift. Try a little tenderness with all these premium ranges of lovely floral items and make your partner feel exclusively special. They will surely be fond of your beautiful flower arrangement as well as you for sending them such a thoughtful gift.

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