Apr 27, 2009

Dating on a Dime

Three time-tested tips and tons of ideas to help you save during the wooing phase.

With the economy taking its toll on your pocketbook and Uncle Sam sucking up what little savings you had left on tax day, you're probably in prime money-saving mode right about now, with not a penny to spare.

Unfortunately, the foundering economy doesn't make it any easier to get to know someone new -- or to spend time together without busting your budget. Here are a few ways to woo your sweetheart when you have little to no money to burn.

  • Make something – Whether it's dinner, a collage or just a mess, creating something from scratch together is fun, and often free. Bond with your new love interest while you whip up a culinary delight using only what you have in the pantry, get cozy while using old magazines to clip out words that describe each other or try your hand at painting something worth hanging on the fridge.
  • Go green – Invite Mother Nature along on your date and go for a walk in your favorite neighborhood, have a mud or snowball fight, find a secluded spot for a picnic, dive into the local swimming hole, sing cowboy songs while camping, tour your college campus at night, go hiking or simply take your romance on the road for a scenic drive.
  • Be kids again – Channel your inner child and challenge each other's skills at board games, break out the cameras and take some silly pictures, join an intramural sports team or find an afternoon pickup game, volunteer to play with the puppies at your local animal shelter or launch a movie marathon and agree that the first person who surrenders their spot on the couch has to watch whatever their sweetheart wants.

You don't have to spend money to be romantic. Use these tips to plan fun, memorable dates without spending a dime!

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