Mar 14, 2009

What stage is your relationship at? The Reality Stage

What is it?

This is the post-honeymoon stage, the cycle where you start to nit-pick and bicker realising that your 'perfect' lover is not so perfect after all. It's still love but with the romantic edges rubbed off.

The good news

No matter how many times you are at this stage, it will help you to define and redefine your relationship. Not only will it help you move to a deeper stage of understanding but also with all the lust out of the equation, it can help you to confirm the real reasons why you want to be with each other.

The bad news

You may find your negative thoughts a little nerve-wracking and might start to think that you're not right for each other.

If you do feel this way, don't do anything hasty. 'All that's happening', says Tracey Cox, 'is you are reconciling your glorified image of this person from the romantic phase with a more realistic view of who he is and how you fit together.'

You'll know you're moving on...

The good news is you're ready for the next and more committed cycle when it hits you that faults and all, you love this man for who he is.

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