Mar 2, 2009

Dating Tips For Women In Relationships: How To Attract A Man?

I have never had a boyfriend. I used to make an effort when I was younger but I made such a mess of things that I just came to the conclusion that I was useless with men.

I now think that I am simply not good enough to attract anybody. The thing is I have loads of male friends and I go out quite a lot with them. With these thoughts I know there is no way I would ever ask a man out. I couldn't imagine a man wanting to be with me. How can I stop thinking so negatively?

Dating Tips For Women In Relationships: How To  Attract A Man?

Dating men: avoid ending up in a friend zone

For average looking girls the dating game is a "numbers game". You have to get confident approaching men in the only possible way: approaching a lot of men. And of course, be prepared to accept a lot of rejection.

Expect to get rejected by at least 3 men before getting the first positive results. Most of them will also accept casual chatter, a drink or coffee date with you but end up in a friend zone.

Signs showing whether a man is interested with you

When a man says you "Let Just Be Friends" he is actually saying "You don't turn me on and will NEVER have sex with me" in a nice way. Rejection is an odd thing. It's good because it means you're actually doing something in the right direction instead of feeling powerless and hopeless.

But it may cause you several undesirable feelings ranging from a slight embarrassment to a crushed self-esteem. The only way to get over those feelings is to experience it over and over again.

Shy women approaching and courting men

Bottom line: Quite frankly, rejection never got easier to absorb. If anything, for the most part, what ever self esteem I had worked hard to build up, was chipped away by all the rejections. The best thing for shy girls here to do is to try and establish a good deal amount of friendships with as many people as possible, of both sexes, and try to network your way into a relationship.

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