Feb 27, 2009

Revive your relationship: 10 great date ideas

The surprise date

Pretend that you're taking your date to the cinema or to do something normal and then surprise them with tickets to a show and a fancy dinner. Everybody loves surprises and it will definitely score you a few brownie points.

The active date

Haven't been ice skating since you were young? Even better! It gives you a good excuse to cling on to your fella for an hour and you'll both have a giggle trying to stay st



He'll love showing off his skills and will feel

all macho guiding you round the rink. Just try to


ck a time which isn't likely to be popular with groups of teens.

The boozy date

Both like a drink or two? Well instead of heading down to your local, why not try a wine-tasting evening? So what if you can't tell your Shiraz from your Sauvignon, you'll have a laugh pretending to know what you're doing and you'll get to taste some top-notch wines while you're at it.

The credit crunch date
Whatever the season, there's a date waiting for you in the great outdoors. Why not go for a romantic stroll along thebeach, a walk in the woods, snuggle round a campfire or even feed the squirrels at the local park. Not even the credit crunch can ruin this date!

The alternative movie night
Pack the kids off to bed, rent the latest blockbuster, but instead of shelling out for an expensive takeaway pizza, whynot make one of your own. You've got all the ingredients for the perfect evening in.

The hobby date
We've all got something we love doing. Whether your partner is obsessed with the footy, loves animals (yes, it seems there really are duck-herding shows out there) or it's something else - choose one of their hobbies that you can also enjoy on the date and the shared fun will revive the romance.

The foodie date
Being a foodie doesn't have to set off money alarm bells. If you're clever you can get your mitts on lots of freebies at your local farmers' market. If you do buy anything then why not create a meal with the ingredients when you get home. We think its best enjoyed with a drink to round off the date.

The unusual date
There are lots of ways to spend a date, however long you've been together. Why not visit a haunted house, take a trip on a riverboat or in the case of bad weather, explore the local caves. If you're still keen on dinner ideas, why not have a 'progressive dinner date' where you eat your starter, main course and dessert each at a different restaurant. Ideally you'd finish up in a rooftop restaurant, of course!

The light-relief date
If things have been a bit tense recently then you probably need a bit of fun instead of an intense dinner date. So why not try a comedy night? Lots of comedy places also have informal food and drinks on site so you can include those too.

The ultimate romance date

If you want to go all-out and you have some cash to splash, why not treat your other half to a romantic hot air balloon ride for two with champagne - many companies provide this at nationwide venues and prices start from about £100 each. Alternatively dinner and dancing is a stylish alternative way to rekindle the romance.

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