Feb 22, 2009

Interesting Points when Dating Girls

For many guys, dating girls can be a nerve wrecking experience. Although everyone does it, not everyone loves it. And if you are ever going to find the special one, whether you enjoy dating or find it stressful and horrible, you have to do it. Nevertheless, some mundane behavior must be avoided to make a good impression and have a successful date. So, here is some advice for you.

The most important point to remember when dating girls is “Girls are not guys”. Also keep in mind the following important points:

  • Immaturity- Keep in mind that for most girls is not fun to make noises by placing their hands under their armpits and acting like a winged creature. Even if they are drunk, they might not accept that childish behavior. Save this conduct for guy’s night.

  • Conquest brag- Your past relationships should stay in the PAST. Who thinks it is cool to brag about your previous relationship conquests? Right, only guys do. Though being greeted by a few girls show that you are desirable or sociable, they do not think it is great to have their guy greeted by every woman in the place. Take her to a different spot just to be safe and never, mention your ex.

  • Dress code- First impressions are very important and looking like a bum may sabotage dating women. So, wear your ratty old jeans after you know she is really yours. Trust me on this one. Maybe later – way later, like after the kids become teenagers – it will be okay for this kind of thing to happen. But for now: take a shower, put on something nice like khakis and a pullover shirt, and have flowers in hand instead of greasy fast food. Why take stupid chances?

  • Thriftiness- Although you might be experiencing rough economical times, do not make your penny-pinching attitude so obvious. They do not love it when their date pulls out buy-one-get-one-free coupons at the restaurant cash register. I even like bargains myself, but use those freebies when you go out with your mom (who will love your thriftiness) or your best buddy (who wouldn’t notice or care how you paid). Don’t make your date think that she is not worth full price.

  • Body relieves- Dude, that’s plain rude on your early dates. Burping and farting contests are not interesting or amusing to them. Be plainly inconsiderate and she will be gone like a lightning. Again, save it for football night with the frat brothers.

Considering the above things about dating girls will take you beyond anything else when it comes to having a great time on your dates. Remembering above points about dating girls will also allow you to get more than one date with the same lady. There are lots of people who will offer you lots of advice about dating women, and even some who will simply say, “Be yourself.” If your behavior consists of some of the points mentioned, then, that would be bad advice.

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