Feb 21, 2009

Figure Out These Questions Before Getting Back Your Girlfriend

When it comes to breaking up with a woman, it is hard for guys to handle. Even if you are looking forward to moving on away from your girlfriend, you still have feelings for her that are very strong and you feel that you are still in love with her because she is the only thing that comes to your mind lately. In our opinion, if it has been more than a couple of weeks since the break up and you haven't spoken to her, then you should give her a phone call.

One of the first steps to get back your girlfriend would be to call her once. When you give her a call, if she does not answer her phone, then you should leave her a message on the answering machine explaining that it is urgent and you really need to talk to her.

You should also take the time to analyze what went wrong in the relationship. Does she not like you anymore? Is there another guy coming between you? Has something dramatically changed in her life? Did you do something to drive her bonkers? The reasons why we tell you to ask yourself these questions when you are looking to get back your girlfriend is because you should see if things are fixable between the two of you. If she was harsh about the break-up or if she is with another guy, then you have little chance of winning back your girlfriend.

So, before you first implement it all, you should figure out if you have a good chance of succeeding with her. Once you have taken the time to analyze the break up, then you should be able to determine if you have a chance at succeeding. You should make chances in your lifetime. Do some changes to yourself, make yourself look attractive and irresistible.

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