Feb 19, 2009

Finding the Perfect Boyfriend

Every young girl who has ever watched or read about fairy tales dreams about meeting her Price Charming - the perfect Boyfriend any girl can ever have. Unfortunately, in real life, it is a general knowledge that finding that person is never easy. Sometimes, you will have to meet a number of not very nice guys first, to describe them lightly, before you find "the one," if you get to find him at all. Not to be so negative, some girls are indeed lucky enough to meet someone who turns out to be an ideal Boyfriend.

But the question is, what does the term "ideal" means to you?

Are you looking for someone who looks like a celebrity - a debonair bachelor who will sweep you off your feet?

Or are you more interested in personality?

Do you want someone who can make you laugh or perhaps someone who takes good care of you?

Or do you want all of those things in one person?

Naturally, you cannot expect that you will find someone will meet every single standard you have set for your future Boyfriend. Every person is different and every guy will have his own set of strengths and weaknesses. If you get to meet someone who fits the bill, so to speak, but have minor flaws, possibly regarding physical attractiveness or intellectual compatibility, would you still consider going out with that person?

There's nothing wrong with setting standards and nothing wrong with looking for someone you are physically attracted to. They are important aspects of every relationship, although they must not be only factors to be considered.


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