Mar 14, 2009

What stage is your relationship at? The Commitment Stage

What is it?

This is the united stage of couple-dom - or as Bridget Jones once said, you've turned into a 'smug married'! In fact you are so secure with each other that you're probably wearing the same clothes and finishing each other's sentences.

The good news

Whatever you decide make sure you are both doing it for the right reasons and not just because you feel it's something you have to do. If you're both really excited about the future, then this will keep your relationship buzzing.

The bad news

Be careful, warns Tracey Cox. 'Be sure to instigate serious discussion on what you both want when planning things and don't just assume you're on the same page.' If you don't, then it could cause problems.

You'll know you're moving on...

If one of you is more thrilled than the other with plans you're making, then you're heading for what's known as the resistance stage.

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