May 18, 2009

How To Make Him Feel You Truly Love Him – 3 Simple Steps!

Are you currently seeing a great guy and would like to know how to make him feel you truly love him? Do you want to go all out with your emotions but are afraid that you might scare him off? Do you ultimately want to know how to make your promising relationship a long lasting and possibly a life-long commitment? Making a guy feel like you truly love him does not have to involve a complicated diagram. However, these tips might make it easier for you to find your way into his heart and to let him know he's already in yours.
Although this might sound like a contradicting advice, it's actually quite important. If you show too much affection towards a guy, you actually have the chance of scaring him off. Guys are not just comfortable about exhibiting their emotions too much so you just have to live with this. Although it's all right to bring him lunch at work once in a while or send him a sweet message from time to time, don't go overboard. Don't insist on holding hands in front of his friends or start planning your wedding with his mother.

Follow his pace

If you want to make him feel you truly love him, you need to mirror his pace and reactions. For instance, if he's inviting you to an event with his family, then you can safely assume that he is ready for this stage in the relationship. If he's calling to check on you everyday, this means it's all right for you to do the same. Be observant. Keeping track of how ready he is for a relationship lets you know how fast or slow you should go.

Don't open up too fast

Finally, if you really want to make him feel you truly love him, don't do it too fast! Being the first one to spill your guts and pledge your undying devotion takes the fun out of the chase and we all know guys love the thrill of the chase. Make him feel like he has won you and that you did not surrender so easily.


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